river revivers

Bringing back abundance by realising riverine restoration

Our Services


We undertake survey work for baseline data, continued monitoring or post action result analysis.

Project Design

With an emphasis on facilitating natural processes we plan actions on the river to maximise habitat diversity and benefit river ecology.

Project Delivery

Using green engineering techniques we create beneficial change. Maximising habitat mosaic and minimising damage from floods/erosion/droughts, sedimentation etc.

“To my mind River Revivers' work is among the most ecologically significant differences we can make.”

Alan Crawford (Woodland Trust ecologist and estate advisor)


Maja and Duncan Pepper - the owner/operators of River Revivers.

Maja is the geomorphologist and hydrologist. Duncan is the ecologist. They’re trying their best to make Scotland’s nature healthier through river restoration projects and advice to riparian owners. 

Watch our webinar on Wilder Rivers below.


Whether you’re curious about what can be done on your river, looking for advice, or needing a survey done, we’re here to answer any questions.