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Electro fishing Alan

Work undertaken

All types of river survey work from habitat surveys to electrofishing, 


Project Design

Depending on the needs of the project we may use GIS mapping software, flow modelling and LiDAR surveys to plan your project


Project Delivery

Brash, Stakes, Hinging, Kickers, Green Revetment, Post Assisted Log Structures (PALS), Beaver Dam Analogues (BDAs) and many more green engineering tasks are undertaken by the river reviver team and sometimes with the help of contractors. 

What can River Revivers do?

Careful, nature sensitive management of your river can bring rewards in terms of increased bio abundance and improved overall river health and resilience.


This means less exacerbated erosion, less damage from floods, less negative effects from droughts, less pollution/cleaner water and much more habitat mosaic. These factors lead to more invertebrate life, more fish, more birds, healthier soil, and a more intact and resilient ecosystem able to provide benefits for soil, fungi, plants, animals and us. 

We look to collaborate with local fisheries trusts, the River Restoration Centre and leading academics to bring you – and nature – the best possible outcome.

Increased fish populations

Improved native woodland health


Scientific approach